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Fixing an Error on a Zoning Map

February 9, 2010

 The mayor is finishing lunch with a couple of friends at the diner downtown. Just as she is about to dig into the best banana pudding in the state, an irate constituent barges in. Reaching the mayor’s booth, the red-faced … Continued

What needs to be in the notice of a zoning hearing?

September 25, 2009

State law requires a public hearing before a zoning ordinance can be amended. Notice of the hearing must be published twice in a local paper. If the amendment proposes to change the zoning of property, notice of the hearing must … Continued

New Life for Old Development Approvals

August 28, 2009

UPDATE September 2013: The permit extension law was subsequently extended an additional year. For a review of the extension, click here.  The law has now expired. For a review of the impacts of the expiration, click here. One consequence of … Continued