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Settlements Under the North Carolina Public Records Law

February 15, 2019

Under the North Carolina public records law, government records are subject to public access unless an exception says they’re not. The law’s broad definition of “public records,” as interpreted by the courts, covers any record, regardless of format, made or … Continued

Answers to Questions About the Mayor Pro Tem.

August 27, 2018

North Carolina law, GS 160A-70 requires city governing boards to elect from among its members a mayor pro tem.  What powers does the mayor pro tem have? Does the mayor pro tem vote on all matters even in cities where the … Continued

How to Approve Minutes and General Accounts of Closed Sessions

June 5, 2018

The North Carolina open meetings law requires public bodies to prepare minutes of all official meetings, and to prepare minutes and general accounts of closed sessions. G.S. 143-318.10(e).  Minutes and general accounts of closed sessions may be withheld from public … Continued

Mediation of Public Records Disputes is Jurisdictional

December 22, 2017

You’ve requested copies of city documents that you believe to be public records. The city has refused to provide them, saying that they are confidential. You file a lawsuit under G.S. 132-9 to obtain access to the records. You are … Continued