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Is My Open Meeting Open Enough?

March 25, 2022

The Town of Ticketmaster is holding a particularly contentious regular meeting this evening that will draw a much larger crowd than usual. The council wants to require tickets for entry to prevent overcrowding. Meanwhile, in the neighboring County of Corona, … Continued

Are Remote Oaths of Office Allowed?

March 2, 2022

Our sweet, innocent 2019 selves would certainly be dumbfounded right now as we approach the end of the second year of pandemic life. While the seeming eternity of COVID has allowed local governments to become familiar with remote meetings requirements, … Continued

S.B. 473: Frequently Asked Questions

December 21, 2021

[UPDATE: This blog post has been revised to reflect practitioner input. Revised portions are underlined below.] Session Law 2021-191 (S.B. 473) modifies governing board members’ duty to vote and recusal procedures. Specifically, Section 14-234.3 prohibits public officials who also serve … Continued