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Permit Choice Rule for Development Regulations

December 6, 2021

At a prominent corner in downtown, there’s a vacant lot. The adopted Downtown Plan envisions a café or a bookshop or a boutique—something to contribute to a walkable, touristy downtown. The owner of the vacant lot has a different vision. … Read more

Major Amendments to Approved Developments

November 4, 2021

Several years ago the town council approved a major development. Part of the development is complete, but several phases remain. The developer wants to substantially alter the approved plans for the remaining phases. Can the developer change the original approval? … Read more

Considerations for Legislative Development Decisions

October 7, 2021

A property owner has requested for the local government to rezone her property to allow for significant new development. This could bring substantial new investments, business, and residents. But it could also change the character of the place, burden public … Read more

Procedures for Legislative Development Decisions

October 1, 2021

A property owner requested a rezoning. The town needs to adopt an update to the subdivision ordinance. The planning board has recommended an amendment to the comprehensive plan. What are the requirements for notice, hearing, and adoption of these amendments? … Read more

Types of Development Decisions

August 24, 2021

Suppose you own a vacant lot in town and you want to build a small, six-unit apartment building on the site. What standards apply? Who decides and how much discretion do they have? Do the neighbors get to weigh in? … Read more

Comprehensive Plans and Land Use Plans Required for Zoning

August 19, 2021

What investments should our town make to lure new economic development? How can we improve housing options? How can we revitalize downtown? How do we preserve our agricultural lands and ensure property rights? How do we protect our community from … Read more

Chapter 160D Deadlines and Transitions

October 8, 2020

Chapter 160D is the updated statutory authority for development regulations like zoning and subdivision in North Carolina. This new chapter of the North Carolina General Statutes consolidates the city- and county-enabling statutes for development regulations (previously under Chapters 153A and … Read more

Remote Zoning Hearings during Declared Emergencies

May 6, 2020

COVID-19 and related shutdowns have forced local governments to dramatically alter meetings. With some questions swirling around the authority and procedures for remote public meetings, the General Assembly stepped in to provide clarity. As outlined in this blog, new legislation … Read more