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Local Government Appropriations/Grants to Private Entities

June 17, 2010

UPDATE August 2013: In 2012 the General Assembly imposed additional accountability requirements on nonprofit corporations that receive over $5000 of public funds within a fiscal year from grants, loans, or in-kind contributions. Click here to learn more about the requirements. … Continued

Federal Red Flags Rule Enforcement Delayed Again

May 28, 2010

UPDATE August 2013: For updated information on this topic, click here. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on Friday, May 28, 2010, that it is delaying the enforcement of the federal Red Flags Rule, once again, through December 31, 2010. This marks … Continued

County Responsibility for Public School Funding

April 22, 2010

It is budget season. And, once again, local government officials face tough decisions about how to balance their annual budgets—Raise taxes and fees? Curtail services? Delay projects? Cut personnel? If my volume of phone calls is any indication, however, the … Continued

Is Metadata a Public Record? Part 2

March 18, 2010

In my last post I defined metadata and summarized the three cases (in other states) that have addressed whether, and to what extent, metadata is a public record. I concluded that post by asking what we might glean from these … Continued

Is Metadata a Public Record?: Part 1

March 4, 2010

(Updated March 15, 2010) Is metadata a public record? There is not a clear answer to this question, at least in North Carolina. But that does not mean that public entities should ignore the question. In fact, public officials, particularly … Continued