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Disclosing Utility Customer Billing Information

November 11, 2009

May a local government or public authority that provides utility or public enterprise services disclose its customer billing information in each of the following scenarios?  (a)  A customer’s relative wants to know if the customer is delinquent on his utility payments; … Continued

Transfers between an Enterprise Fund and the General Fund

October 26, 2009

Many local government officials, reticent to increase their unit’s property tax or other tax rates, look to alternative revenue sources to support general government services and activities. One potential source of revenue is that generated from the fees and charges … Continued

Assessing Surcharges on Credit Card Payments

October 19, 2009

UPDATE August 2013: For more recent information on this topic, click here. True or False — State law prohibits a local government or public authority from assessing surcharges on customers who remit payment of taxes, assessments, or fees by credit … Continued

New Special Assessment Authority for Local Governments

September 14, 2009

UPDATE August 2013: For more detailed information about special assessment authority in North Carolina, click here. Note also that the General Assembly extended the sunset on the new special assessment authority to July 1, 2015. It also made a few … Continued