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You’ve Won Your Election – Time for Ethics Training!

November 5, 2014

Elections are over, TV ads are back to normal, and mail boxes are no longer full of campaign flyers. Ballots have been counted, results certified, and oaths of office taken. Among the other duties and obligations required of newly elected … Read more

Do Mayors Have a Duty to Vote?

November 7, 2013

North Carolina holds its local government board members’ feet to the fire when it comes to voting. City council members and county commissioners have a legal duty to vote unless they are excused for any of several grounds allowed under … Read more

It’s All Relative

July 18, 2013

When it’s filing season for people seeking city or county offices, questions often arise about who can run. Can the spouse of a current board member run? What about the spouse of a current employee? How about the adult child … Read more