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Exactions and Subdivision Approval

February 1, 2013

Can a city require sidewalks for a development? Can a county charge fees from a developer for parks?  In North Carolina, what exactions are allowed? The short answer: It depends upon the type of development approval and the underlying statutory … Read more

How Much is Too Much for That Application Fee?

September 14, 2010

In her regular budget update for the town council, Mayor Juanita Beasley advised the council that the budget cuts implemented for the current fiscal year appeared to be adequate. She cautioned, however, that  the town’s budget outlook for next year … Read more

Placing Conditions on a Special Use Permit

January 13, 2010

The town council is holding a hearing on a special use permit application that would allow a small shopping center. The proposed site is on a major road and is adjacent to an existing residential neighborhood. At the hearing detailed … Read more