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Tax Foreclosure Tips

July 28, 2011

As the economy continues to drag, more and more local governments are relying on foreclosures to improve their tax collections.  I’ve blogged previously about the foreclosure process here and here.  Today’s post responds to a couple of interesting questions attorneys and … Read more

More Tax Foreclosure Myths

October 28, 2010

Building on this earlier post, here are a few more myths about tax foreclosures that deserve debunking.  (This time I promise to avoid bragging on Duke basketball.)  But first allow me to plug two resources that might be of interest to … Read more

Appellate Court Upholds In Rem Foreclosures (Again)

August 26, 2010

The Machinery Act describes the in rem tax foreclosure procedure in NCGS 105-375 as a “simple and inexpensive” alternative to the full-blown civil action required by the “mortgage-style” foreclosure procedure in NCGS 105-374.  That description might be overly optimistic in … Read more

Repairing unfit houses—and then recouping the costs

March 9, 2010

[2011 UPDATE: For more detail on this topic, see the following 2011 book: Housing Codes for Repair and Maintenance: Using the General Police Power and Minimum Housing Statutes to Prevent Dwelling Deterioration] An earlier post on minimum housing ordinances (MHOs) … Read more

Priority of Local Government Liens

October 29, 2009

Assume you are a county attorney who gets a call from the tax collector asking your advice on whether the tax office should start foreclosure proceedings on Parcel A.  The property is valued at $25,000 and the county holds a tax lien … Read more