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Do Local Health Directors Need to Take an Oath of Office?

February 9, 2024

Spoiler alert: yes! Local health directors are appointed public officials who must take an oath of office. But what makes a local health director a public official? And which oath of office should they take? Let’s discuss.

The Most Common Oaths of Office Question

August 4, 2022

Does this person need to take an oath of office? This is by far the most frequent oaths of office question I receive. My colleagues Trey Allen and David Lawrence have written excellent blogs (here and here) on this very … Read more

One Oath or Two? What is THE Oath of Office?

January 27, 2017

Article VI, Section 7 of the North Carolina Constitution instructs anyone elected or appointed to public office in this state to take and subscribe – that is, swear (or affirm) and sign – the oath prescribed therein before entering upon … Read more