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N.C. Housing Market Improves But Local Tax Bases Continue to Suffer

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Contradictions abound in recent news about the North Carolina real estate market. First, the good news: home sales, home prices, and home construction starts are up.  The North Carolina Association of Realtors reports that home sales through the end of March rose 22% compared to a year ago.  Prices also increased, up 7% from 2012. Inventory […]

Palm Trees and Property Tax Appraisals

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

 What justifies a change to a real property tax appraisal in between county-wide reappraisals? The short answer is “not much.”  For a longer answer, take a look at last week’s opinion from the N.C. Supreme Court in Appeal of Ocean Isle Palms, LLC,  a case involving undeveloped residential lots in Brunswick County.   The opinion offers […]