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New Law Requires Electronic Publication of Local State of Emergency Declarations

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

In the most recent legislative session, the General Assembly amended the state’s emergency management act to impose new publication requirements on county and city state of emergency declarations (S.L. 2020-83, Sec. 11.7).  Prior to enactment of HB593 which amended GS 166A-19.31(d), county and city state of emergency declarations went into effect “upon publication.”  Although “publication” […]

Can Counties and Cities Shut Down Video Gaming and Sweepstakes Establishments During An Emergency?

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

As local officials in our state continue to respond to the rapidly evolving and ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, counties and cities wrestle with difficult decisions about imposing restrictions and prohibitions under a local state of emergency declaration to address the public health and safety needs of their communities.  Among the myriad situations currently confronting local jurisdictions […]