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What Happens When Property Changes Jurisdiction?

August 9, 2023

When property shifts from one jurisdiction to another, whether by annexation, deannexation, or a change in extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), it usually becomes subject to a different set of regulations. The method by which the old regulations make way for the … Read more

But I Already Bought the Lot and Had the Plans Made

January 11, 2011

Malcolm Tucker’s troubles continue. Last year, shortly after he opened his new nightclub, Wally’s-A-Go-Go, the town revoked his permits because a former town staff person had erroneously issued zoning approvals (click for post on this issue). Although convinced it was … Read more

Can We Hit the Pause Button on Development Approvals?

March 16, 2010

On Monday morning the River City newspaper contains a story on the new phenomenon of internet sweepstakes parlors – how they operate, how they may be technically different from video poker, and their proliferation around the state. Towards the end … Read more