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About This Blog


The School of Government at UNC Chapel Hill has created this blog in order to disseminate information about a broad range of legal issues affecting local governments and other public agencies in North Carolina. In the tradition of Institute of Government founder Albert Coates, we hope the blog also will serve as a forum for discussion, and provide a lasting resource for those in government, as well as community groups and citizens across the State.

Although the focus of the blog is on legal issues, we anticipate (and hope) that the blog will serve as a valuable source of information for a variety of public officials—including elected officials, managers, department heads, attorneys, and other public employees—as well as for individuals who interact with local governments and other public agencies.

The blog is a joint effort of local government law faculty members at the School of Government. You can view individual bloggers’ biographies and substantive focus areas here. Posts will vary in style, length, and content and may range from simply alerting you to legal developments, such as new legislation or case law, to providing detailed analysis of complicated legal issues, and everything in between. Occasionally, we will use the blog to notify you about additional resources (publications, classes, and other materials) available from the School of Government or other sources.

Over time, we hope that the collective blog posts will provide a database of information about local government law. Individual posts will be classified into one or more Blog Topics, which are listed on the right-hand side of the blog. Two ways to keep up to date with the blog are through an RSS feed , or by subscribing by email. An RSS feed automatically sends new posts to an “RSS reader”, and the other sends new posts to your email.

Additionally, you may search for posts on specific topic areas by using the key-word function in the top right-hand corner of the blog.

We highly encourage you to comment on individual posts to share your insights and experiences. We will read all comments, but we reserve the right to publish only those comments that advance our readers’ understanding of a post and are consistent with the blog’s purpose.

Thanks for visiting.

The Coates’ Canons Bloggers