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Should a Local Government Be a HIPAA Hybrid Entity?

April 28, 2015

The federal HIPAA regulations apply directly to certain types of entities and individuals, referred to as “covered entities” and “business associates.” These regulations govern standardization of electronic healthcare transactions and identifiers, as well as the privacy and security of health … Read more

Who May Attend a Closed Session?

November 21, 2013

Two new members have been elected to the Pleasantville town council and are scheduled to be sworn in at the December meeting. A special meeting has been called for November 25, at which the current board plans to address several … Read more

Citizen Participation Information as Public Record

April 14, 2010

UPDATE August 2013: In 2011, a new exception was enacted to limit access to local government email subscriber lists. Click here for a summary of this exception. Local governments work hard to engage and inform their citizens. Technology now provides … Read more