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Annexation Reform: A Summary of the New Law

July 15, 2011

UPDATE August 2013: In 2012, the legislature replaced the petition process described below with a referendum requirement. The current law is summarized here. Nearly 40 annexation-related bills were introduced during this legislative session. Included in this number were identical House … Read more

Property Tax Implications of the New Annexation Law

July 14, 2011

Municipal annexations have been the subject of much debate recently.  My colleague Frayda Bluestein expertly analyzes S.L.  2011-396 (H.B.  845) the one bill that became law among dozens on the topic introduced during the current legislative session here.  My post today focuses on the two major property tax implications of this new law. … Read more

Zoning and Satellite Annexations

February 17, 2011

One of these days the developer of a proposed new energy-efficient open-space development (Greenfields) will come calling on the city. It will propose that the city satellite annex the Greenfields property, located almost a mile outside of town. Greenfields will … Read more