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Legislature Decriminalizes Local Ordinances

October 7, 2021

For some time, under North Carolina law, violations of city and county ordinances have been treated as misdemeanors or infractions unless the ordinance explicitly said that they were not.  Starting in 2018, the General Assembly embarked on a project to … Read more

Where (and Just What) is the “Personnel File”?

September 28, 2020

Philemona has just started a job as a Human Resources Director in Charterville.  She has years of expertise, but she is new to North Carolina. At the end of her first day, the manager asks whether she has any questions. … Read more

City Obligations for Providing Services to Annexed Areas

January 30, 2020

What services must be provided to annexed areas? State law allows cities to annex property by petition (voluntary) and city-initiated (involuntary), which now requires approval by a majority of voters in the area to be annexed. Once property is annexed, … Read more