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Individual Board Member Access to Email

August 11, 2010

Imagine that you’re a local government IT administrator, clerk, manager, or other employee, and your job requires you to have access to employee and board members emails for your unit of local government. A member of your governing board contacts … Read more

Personnel Privacy Law Changes

July 14, 2010

UPDATE August 2013: A summary of the Attorney General’s opinion about these legislative changes can be found here. The final hours of the 2010 legislative session produced agreement on changes to the personnel privacy statutes for most public agencies. Prompted … Read more

Citizen Participation Information as Public Record

April 14, 2010

UPDATE August 2013: In 2011, a new exception was enacted to limit access to local government email subscriber lists. Click here for a summary of this exception. Local governments work hard to engage and inform their citizens. Technology now provides … Read more

Bidding Confidential

April 8, 2010

Your local government has just awarded a contract for digital imaging software to Super Secret Software, Inc., after considering several proposals submitted in response to your request for proposals. Sour Grapes Software, LLC, one of the vendors who submitted a … Read more

Preserving Minutes and Other Permanent Records

March 30, 2010

The clerk to a local governing board writes that her board, like most boards these days, is interested in finding ways to save money.  Two of their ideas deal with maintaining minutes of board meetings.…

Disclosing Utility Customer Billing Information

November 11, 2009

May a local government or public authority that provides utility or public enterprise services disclose its customer billing information in each of the following scenarios?  (a)  A customer’s relative wants to know if the customer is delinquent on his utility payments; … Read more

Before You Start Recycling Your Bid Files, Read This!

October 6, 2009

Your local government has just awarded a contract.  Now what are you supposed to do with all of the bids, bid tabulations, paperwork, and email generated by the bidding process?  Can you throw any of it away?  Do you have … Read more