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Requirements for Quasi-Judicial Decision Documents

July 8, 2014

The town council has just voted to approve a highly controversial special use permit for a new apartment complex. Getting to this point was a long process – two lengthy hearings and a third night of debate and deliberation by … Read more

Mandated Notices in Land Development Regulations

January 28, 2014

Local governments make hundreds of decisions every day under local development regulations.  Permits are issued or denied.  Enforcement actions are initiated.  Ordinance provisions are interpreted.  Property is rezoned.  Ordinances are amended.  When a local government is considering these, does it … Read more

The Who, What, and When of Appeals TO the Board of Adjustment

November 25, 2013

Consider these three scenarios regarding potential appeals to the zoning board of adjustment.  Scenario 1.  Marge Simpson has worked for decades to improve her neighborhood.  Several years ago the town adopted a new plan that called for the neighborhood to … Read more

Sidewalk Dining: Some Questions and Answers

September 13, 2013

Imagine a balmy autumn evening. You and your family or friends have plans to go out for dinner. The restaurant that you have in mind offers you the chance to grab a table outdoors on the sidewalk. Have you ever … Read more