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Short-Term Rental Regulations after Schroeder

April 14, 2022

The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled in Schroeder v. City of Wilmington that state law prohibits a registration requirement for short-term rentals, but the court also ruled that state law allows for general zoning and development standards for short-term … Continued

Bona Fide Farms and Housing

March 24, 2022

“County zoning regulations may not affect property used for bona fide farm purposes.” That’s what North Carolina state law dictates about land use zoning regulations of agricultural operations in the county or the municipal extraterritorial jurisdiction (G.S. 160D-903). But that … Continued

Appeals of Administrative Development Decisions

March 18, 2022

Seemingly clear, objective development regulations may be the subject of debate and interpretation. Is that new business unlawful? Was the notice of violation correctly issued? Does the proposed development meet the applicable standards? Did the administrator correctly interpret the regulation? … Continued

Enforcement of Development Regulations

February 11, 2022

They can’t park all of those cars in the front yard! That subdivision street is not being built to standard! That newly permitted storage facility has not installed the required fencing to ensure community safety!  What’s the town to do? … Continued

Planning Board Basics

January 7, 2022

So, you’re a new member of the planning board. Or maybe you have been on the board for a while and need a refresher on your role. First off, thank you for your service to the community and congratulations on … Continued

Permit Choice Rule for Development Regulations

December 6, 2021

At a prominent corner in downtown, there’s a vacant lot. The adopted Downtown Plan envisions a café or a bookshop or a boutique—something to contribute to a walkable, touristy downtown. The owner of the vacant lot has a different vision. … Continued